ContourGPS Camera Uses Your Smartphone For Preview

Having a helmet cam is something that avid followers of extreme sports are accustomed to. It usually gets the best camera angles and dynamic shots made from a unique point of view of the person on the move. But what some helmet cams lack is the ability to get previews for the user. Enter the ContourGPS Cam that allows you to preview using your smartphone.

The updated ContourGPS Helmet Camera can now be able to stream the camera view from a smartphone over a Bluetooth connection. All it requires is a firmware upgrade and an app to be downloaded for free to your smartphone. The video preview at 8fps would be valuable to help users make the adjustments to get the perfect shots before taking the plunge and into the heat of the action while video recording. The app for Android phones may be available sometime in spring while the iPhone version will be out a little bit later than that.

Image Source: Contour

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