Content Providers Create Flash-Free Pages for iPad

There is no question that most websites uses Flash and with iPad ‘s refusal to support it, some sites resort to creating Flash-free versions to accommodate what iPad lacks.  It has been reported that both the National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal are creating “iPad-friendly” websites, and word is that other websites will be following suit, reflecting Apple’s importance in the mobile realm.

But before these Flash-free versions become available, some providers like the NPR would have to decide whether to provide a downloadable “iPad-optimized” versions from the App Store or have the website automatically detect that it is being viewed with an iPad and display its custom-built site.

Representatives of NPR have confirmed they are creating a new version of its website, splitting up the site’s front pages between the Flash-ed and the Flash-less while keeping the inside pages intact.  They also claim that because NPR earns on sponsorships rather than advertising, it has little problem ditching Flash (a staple in online ads) altogether.

Source:  All Things D , via Engadget


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