Conspin Andi-One Android Universal Remote Control

With many gadgets and devices now available, it would somehow be convenient to be able to control them all using a single device. A conventional remote control may not be able to provide the same functions as the new Conspin Andi-One Android Universal Remote Control. This new device can be used to control virtually all devices found in the home that offers support for it.

The Conspin Andi-One Universal Remote Control allows its users to control almost all home devices via RF, IR and WiFi. It comes with a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen display that also allows you to enjoy a number of Android applications. It comes with a USB port to allow convenient connection with other USB supported devices. It can also be used to handle VOIP calls, be used as an mp3 player with its built in speakers as well as a digital photo frame or even surf the Web. The Andi-One Android Universal Remote Control is available at Conspin for about US$350.

Image Source: Conspin

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