Conair Fabric Shaver

We live in a world nowadays where everything seems disposable. It is easier for people to dispose of things and buy new ones instead of taking care of them. But there are still some people who put value on their things. For them, it is all a matter of trying to make things last longer. There are many different tools they can use for this. When it comes to old sweaters and clothes, the Conair Fabric Shaver is one useful tool to have around.

The Conair Fabric Shaver is a tool that gets rid of the fabric lint, fuzz, and pillings that form on clothes after using them for some time. The fuzz or balls of fiber can form as a result of those clothes being worn over and over again. But you don’t need to throw them away just because the fuzz makes them unwearable.  The Conair Fabric Shaver can effectively remove these unwanted excess fibers from clothes to make them look good again.

The Conair Fabric Shaver comes with a 3-setting depth control for customized fabric shaving. It can also be adjusted for fabric type to ensure that it doesn’t ruin any garment. It also has an easy-grip handle to make the task quick and comfortable to do. There are no wires to worry about since the device can run on 2AA batteries. The Conair Fabric Shaver is available at Amazon for $13.

Image Source: Amazon

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