Computer Heated Lunchbox

Computer Heated Lunchbox

Trying to save up on expenses as much as you can may make you bring out your lunch at the office more instead of eating out. This may be a more cost-effective alternative since eating out can sum up quite a lot in a month’s time. Bringing a lunch box with you at the office may be something that you are not accustomed with, but it may be a necessity during these tough times.

One of your concerns when bringing a lunch box at the office may be eating food that ends up getting cold by lunch time. But such concerns have become something that the Japanese have been able to find quite a convenient answer to. Thanks to Japanese ingenuity, there is now a computer heated lunchbox available. This special lunchbox can heat up its contents by simply plugging it into the PC’s USB port. It will keep any lunch well heated to be quite enjoyable even if it was prepared in the early mornings.

The computer heated lunchbox is made by Thanko in Japan and costs around US$20. Although it may not yet be available in the US, knowing that there is such a lunchbox available can be quite reassuring, especially if you often bring your own homemade lunch at the office.

Image Source: Thanko

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