Coming Soon: HP Slate 500, Really?

Do you hear that? Looks like the HP Slate, now renamed HP Slate 500, is not a dead project after all, judging how the tablet computer remains on its website. And we do not mean just one Slate, but all 8 variations of it, which makes it safe to say that it will be pitted against the Palmpad.

However, we could also say that it was probably a big oversight. In response, those who believe about the existence of the HP Slate countered that the product description showed new details about the product, such as the inclusion of a stylus-type input.

The difference between its 8 models could vary from storage capacity to inclusion of 3G modem and other additional software. These differences could also mean each model will be destined to different retailers or different sectors (whether for home or business use).

But wouldn’t it be weird for one company to offer two different tablet computers? On one hand, we have the HP Slate that runs on Windows 7, and on the other there is the webOS-based Palmpad. We will see how it will fare.

Source: CrunchGear

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