Coming Soon: Google Tablet?

Google Tablet

Barely a week after Apple presented their iPad tablet computer, rumors have been circulating that Google is set to steal Apple’s thunder by having its very own Chrome-powered tablet device.  It is said that The Chromium Projects, the group behind the development of the Chrome operating system has been busy creating mockup and early concept designs on what would be a tablet PC.

After everyone except the Apple fans were dismayed learning that the iPad looks like a gigantic iPod Touch, they pin their hopes one the Google Tablet, hoping that it would function much like a laptop-multifunction, Flash support, integrated camera, and all.

Tony Bradley of PC World had seen some of the early concept designs for the Chrome tablet.  "Whereas the Apple iPad revolves around apps… the Chrome tablet takes a Web-based doc, or file-centric approach," he said.

Some of the mock features that Google wanted to incorporate in the final product include keyboard interaction with the screen, the use of launchers as an overlay, contextual actions, zooming user interface for multiple tabs, and the creation of multiple browsers on screen.

Despite the growing news about the Google tablet, let’s not get too much excited.  After all, we should not count the chicks until the eggs are hatched (not to mention people in Google have been "too shy" to confirm nor deny the existence of the said device).

Source:  Engadget

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