Coming Soon: Computer-Synthesized Holograms

The folks over at Japan call it the “ultimate in 3D image,” creating holograms using computer-generated images. The technology is developed by a team of researchers in Kansai University in Osaka, headed by Professor Kyoji Matsushima. Instead of using real object as done in conventional holograms, the researchers use 3D computer-generated objects.

To achieve this, each CG must have a resolution of up to 128,000 x 64,000 to achieve optimum results, then process the data using a computer with 100GB of memory. The computer-synthesized holograms can be viewed only in red, for now, but with a technology this promising who know what would happen next?

If you are within the Los Angeles area, you are in luck because SIGGRAPH 2010, which starts this Sunday, will be featuring the system live. Click on the link to register.

Source: DigInfoNews, via CrunchGear

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