Coming Soon: BlackBerry Phablet?

BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins once famously said that tablets will become “obsolete” in five years. But if the rumors are true, he may have something left unsaid, as one tech blog claims that the struggling Canadian mobile company could be working on a BlackBerry phablet.

In a report published in KnowYourMobile, BlackBerry is developing an all-touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone with a 5-inch screen. At that size, the device certainly borders on the phablet territory. The blog adds that the gadget is currently in testing stage, which is being conducted by an unnamed Canadian wireless carrier. The report’s source, who claims to be testing the BlackBerry phablet personally, claims that it would make its official launch within the “next few months.”

The news about a potential BlackBerry phablet is nothing new for some analysts. Peter Misek of Jefferies Group has stated last month about a potential 5-inch BlackBerry 10 device. While he does not have a stellar record when it comes to predicting potential tech trends, it goes without saying that we should all take this with a grain of salt.

Chris Velazco of TechCrunch writes that coming up with a BlackBerry phablet would be a “bold move” on the company’s part.

“It’s not hard to see that a considerable chunk of people have embraced large form factor smartphones, and it’s possible that BlackBerry wants to cash in on that consumer fervor.”

However, Velazco worries that as BlackBerry churns out many new devices with different form factors, the company could be at risk of “alienating users who have perhaps prematurely pulled the trigger on an earlier model.” As BlackBerry struggles to reverse its fortunes, the last thing they need is to shun away potential costumers.

Now all we have to do is to sit back and wait if such a device is for real.

Source: KnowYourMobile, via TechCrunch

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