Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks

Just as its name implies, laptop computers were first created so that it would be convenient enough to place it on your lap. Even though laptop notebooks are lightweight, the problem begins when you place it on your lap.

Not only your thighs would become prone getting burned from notebook heat, but it also puts a strain on your legs as well as your neck as you look down to your laptop while using it. This is why many laptops end up on tables while being used, which does not seem to fulfill its tag name as a laptop.

Fortunately, Logitech designed a nifty product that would eliminate those problems: creating a desk small and light enough to be put on your lap. The Logitech Lapdesk lets you enjoy more comfort around your home, whether on the sofa, bed, or even the floor. It stable and lightweight design helps your legs protected from the heat coming out of your laptop, as well as improve your neck and leg position.

This thin and streamlined lapdesk is raised to 12 degrees to position your notebook to a comfortable viewing angle. Its underside is designed with a soft, air-mesh fabric made of polyester and polyurethane that feels great on your legs. It can be used with PC and Mac notebooks with up to 17-inch display.

The sleek design looks good in any room, and can also be stored neatly near your bed or couch. However, you cannot use this lapdesk if you are using a mouse with your laptop.

You can avail of the Logitech Lapdesk for only US$39.99.

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