Comau MATE Wearable Exoskeleton

Technology has done a lot of things in order to help make modern life convenient. It continues to do so with every development over time. One promising area is the development of the personal wearable exoskeleton like the new Comau MATE.

The Comau MATE Wearable Exoskeleton is designed to improve work performance and quality. It does this through consistent mobility assistance especially for repetitive tasks. The Comau MATE is a spring-based passive structure that provides postural support for people engaged in doing manual activities at the workplace. This exoskeleton can help users reduce some shoulder muscle activity and exertion by almost half. While wearing the MATE exoskeleton, workers may be able to perform tasks with less fatigue. This exoskeleton provides movement-assisted support without impairing natural movement of one’s arms.

The Comau MATE Wearable Exoskeleton is ergonomically designed and lightweight to make it more comfortable and efficient for workers. Using it can help people increase the quality as well as the precision of doing repetitive tasks. Since it makes use of a passive spring-based system, users need not worry about risks such as battery or motor failure. The Comau MATE Wearable Exoskeleton is just the first in the line of developing wearable personal exoskeletons. The progressive aim is to provide an increasing number of functions to users. Its makers also aim to improve the evolution of human and machine collaboration in a number of different industry sectors. Although it has already been announced to the public, there is no pricing yet available for the Comau MATE Wearable Exoskeleton or when it will be released.

Image Source: Comau

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