Columbia Bugathermo Techlite High Tech Boots

Winter may bring cold months once again. For some people, getting out into the cold may be necessary despite wishing of staying indoors in heated environments. But going out in the cold need not be uncomfortable, especially for your feet if you wear Columbia’s new Bugathermo Techlite high tech winter boots.

The Bugathermo Techlite is a special kind of winter boots because it features its own integrated heating system. The Bugathermo Techlite features built-in rechargeable batteries and electronic controls for a heating system that regulates heat around the foot for hours of warm comfort. The lithium ion batteries are removable and recharged via a USB connection.

The boots also feature a lightweight cushioning footbed and midsole and surrounded by lightweight waterproof leather and thermal rubber shell with rustproof alloy gaiters. The Bugathermo Techlite winter boots are ideal for those who experience extreme cold weather during the winter months on a regular basis. But the comfort may come at a price since this high tech winter boots cost US$350 a pair. You can check it out at Columbia.

Image Source: Columbia

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