Coleman Road Trip Rechargeable Portable Blender

coleman road trip

For those who enjoy having fresh fruit shakes, the Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender is perfect for mixing frozen drinks anywhere, anytime. The battery powered blender from Coleman lets you enjoy your favorite concoctions in any outdoor setting, may it be at the beach, on a camping trip, a picnic, or at a backyard party. There are four different models designed for these very needs – camping, tailgating, home and marine.

The Road Trip or tailgating model features rubber, non-skid base wrap to keep the blender stable. The polycarbonate, one-quart pitcher provides durability while the four stainless steel blades chop ice finely and quickly blend ingredients, thanks to its high RPM motor. It is powered by two 6-volt rechargeable batteries, which blends from to 20 to 30 pitchers per fully charged battery.

This powerful blender can make 48-ounce drinks in just around 30 seconds. A single push button for powering the blender and turning it off makes it easy to use while on the go. Five green LEDs indicate the battery levels. The unit also comes with 120-volt and 12-volt chargers conveniently stored at the base of the blender for recharging it at home or at any vehicle.

The Road Trip blender maximizes portability in a number of ways. The pitcher can be locked in the base for a more secure transport. Cleaning is also made hassle-free with the hand-washable lid and pitcher. The base can be cleaned up with just a quick wet wipe. There are also measurement lines marked on the pitcher, for mixing the perfect recipes, from fruit juices to soup blends and other specialty beverages. Moreover, twisting the lid gives access to three pour settings: open, close, and strain.

The Road Trip rechargeable blender is priced at $69.99 and has a molded, red finish. Don’t forget to pack a Coleman portable blender to enjoy fresh smoothies and blended drinks wherever the road takes you.

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