Codey Rocky Smart Robot

Robots nowadays have become quite advanced. No longer are they just designed to become industrial tools. Robots can now help kids learn at an early age. Take for example this new Codey Rocky Smart Robot for the kids. This robot teaches kids about computer programming the fun way.

The Codey Rocky Smart Robot is an interactive and programmable robot designed to help kids discover and learn about the interesting world of programming. Integrated with cutting edge tech such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, kids can start understanding and learning about basic programming. Codey is the detachable controller and Rocky is the cqr that makes the robot move. Together, they form a robot that can be programmed do a lot of different tasks.

The main objective of having this toy is to enable the smart robot to do certain tasks using code. Kids can use the graphical programming app mBlock5 that makes use of drag and drag visual programming instead of direct coding. Once kids have learned and understood the basics, they can then proceed to coding into Python language and start learning advanced coding. Codey Rocky then realizes the codes in order to perform a variety of tasks that the player

The Codey Rocky Smart Robot is also expandable as it is compatible with Lego bricks as well as

Makeblock Neuron electronic modules, allowing users to further improve on their Codey Rocky robots. In addition, there are also more than 20 learning guides to help kids and the kids at heart start on graphical programming and with Python. The resources and teaching videos are also continuously updated to give the Codey Rocky Smart Robot some level of relevance as associated technologies advance. The Codey Rocky Smart Robot is currently on a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Early adopters can get one on a discounted price of $79, with an expected retail price of around $114 once it becomes available sometime on April of this year.

Image Source: Makeblock Codey Rocky


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