Cocorobo Robot Vacuum Gets Android App Controller

About five months after iRobot unveiled its Wireless Remote Control for its Roomba vacuum robots, Sharp introduces its own counterpart: a new Android app and remotely controls its Cocorobo while the owner is not around the house.

Instead of letting the Cocorobo wander around the floor aimlessly, you can use the Cocorobo Square to map out the floor plan so the device would know what objects to avoid, as well as specify cleaning patterns. This vacuum robot would even send out carpet-view photos, which you will receive on your smartphone to ogle about.

Plus, you can even attach an optional Navi controller to Cocorobo’s USB port for more control, allowing you to use the app to control other Sharp devices like TVs, air conditioners, and LED lights.

The Cocorobo Square app is available for free at the Google Play store.

Source: Slashgear, via Engadget

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