Cobra XRS Radar Detector

cobra xrs radar detector

Radar detector technology is getting better and better. Cobra Electronics Corporation or simply Cobra, a leader in manufacturing global communication and navigation products, released recently two new products for its radar detector line: the Cobra XRS R7 and the Cobra XRS R9G. Marketed as the new flagship radar detector of Cobra, the R7 and the R9G were built to be unique in every way. 

The XRS R7 is basically a two part unit that has the actual radar detector to be mounted on a rear view mirror, and a wireless control panel that can go anywhere inside your car. Two main issues were immediately addressed by the R7 (as well as the R9G): an easy access to the controls and the ability to mount the base in quite discrete places.

The Cobra XRS R9G meanwhile has the same innovative design of the XRS-R7 but has one additional feature that could be made available for the R7 after an upgrade. It’s a GPS. The XRS R9G is probably one of the first in the industry that incorporates a GPS locator to look for and alert motorists of approaching red lights and/or speed cameras.

In fact Cobra is so dedicate to the use of GPS technology that they themselves are creating a database of mounted speed cameras allowing their users to upgrade the information in the current radar detector models.

The XRS R9G is made up of three parts, the actual radar detector that is designed to be mounted by the rear view mirror, a GPS locator that is usually placed alongside the radar detector, and of course the remote control unit which has a wireless display panel where you can see important information that the radar detector picks up.

Both uses lithium-ion rechargeable battery as their main power source. The remote can function up to 40 hours with just the initial charge of the lithium-ions.

The R9G’s unique design makes the device virtually undetectable-helping to deter theft-while its Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne(R) (S-XRS(TM)) Maximum Performance 12 Band(TM) Technology with LaserEye(R) ensures detection of the fastest radar and laser guns, including POP Mode.

In order to maintain the R9G’s discreet appearance, both the GPS locator and the main radar/laser detector unit mount behind the rearview mirror at the top of the windshield. This placement not only reduces the unit’s visibility from outside the car, it also improves its detection range. All of the components are installed inside the vehicle, protecting it from the elements and heat of the engine.

The XRS R9G which has the GPS locator sells around $449.95 while the Cobra XRS R7 costs around $349.95.

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