Cobra XRS-9930 Radar Detector

Cobra XRS-9930

The Cobra XRS-9930 Radar Detector is a dependable laser detector. It is designed for continuous 24-hour use. The full-color digital display can be dimmed for nighttime driving. Measuring 4.88 x 3.01 x 1.44 in, it weighs only at a feathery 6.74 oz. With its size, the unit can be set anywhere and could be easily stored.

Its Full-Color Extreme Bright DataGrafix display could show a variety of information all at the same time unlike most detectors that could only exhibit one data at any given moment. During an alert, the display changes, the band detected is shown along with the signal strength on a large readable font.

 The background flashes slightly. Daytime glare makes the display hard to read, whereas it looks fantastic during night drives. With a large display screen, menu settings can be more easily read, thus, more user friendly.

There are several color themes to choose from, namely, blue, green orange, red, and multiple colors. In addition, there is also a voice alert available. The unit runs using a cord connected to the cigarette lighter.

The XRS-9930’s strongest point is its design, although consistency on performance depends on location.

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