Cobra PhoneLynx

Most people now have handy mobile phones to make and receive calls. But at home, they might not be as handy as they are out of it since most people just tend to leave it on a table or inside the room. Once it rings, some people at home may find it a hassle trying to retrieve it in order to answer it. The new Cobra PhoneLynx may help eliminate such hassles, especially if you have other unused landline phones scattered around the home.

The Cobra PhoneLynx is a unique device that allows Android smartphone users to pair up a landline phone to a smartphone and use it as a secondary phone around the home to handle calls received by the smartphone. With mobile phones now becoming the device of choice for making and taking calls, some households may already have gotten rid of that landline service plan. The unused landline that is left can be put to good use once again by connecting it to the Cobra PhoneLynx.

When a landline is connected to a Cobra PhoneLynx, it can now be paired up with an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. With such a setup, the PhoneLynx will enable the home phone handset to ring every time the smartphone receives a call. Users can also take calls using the handsets if their smartphones are located somewhere else around the home. The Cobra PhoneLynx will be made available by May 2011 and is expected to cost around US$60.

Image Source: Cobra

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