Cobra Electronics Instant Proof Dash Cam

While driving a car has become a common function for many people daily, challenges still abound. No matter how careful you are at driving, there are always other potential risks on the road that might get you into an accident. What’s even worse, you may even get blamed for it if you do not have any proof to show if in case you are in one. Technology has helped in trying to uphold driver responsibility with devices like the new Instant Proof Dash Cam from Cobra Electronics.

The Instant Proof Dash Cam can be your “watchful eye” while you are out on the road. Also known as the IP 200, this camera is mounted on the car’s windshield and can provide 1080p video recording with a 120 degree viewing angle to ensure good road coverage. With this quality, it is possible to capture and read out license plate numbers, very useful in trying to catch errant drivers who prefer to escape the scene instead of owning up to responsibilities. It can also provide a clear account of what really happens in case of an accident.

The Instant Proof Dash Cam records video in 3-minute segments and stores them inside the camera’s memory card. And just in case the memory fills up, the camera automatically deletes and overwrites to provide room for new video recordings. The dash cam also comes with an integrated G Sensor to detect any sudden accelerations and collisions. The IP 200 also comes with Motion Detection features that allow the cam record video even while parked. The Instant Proof Dash Cam is now available at their website for around $60, which comes with a 4GB microSD card for storage.

Image Source:  Cobra Electronics

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