Clock Radio Buying Guide

Consumers may not know it, but not all clock radios are the same. These electronic items have significant differences between models and brands, and the buyer would end up spending a lot of time thinking what to purchase. Here are some helpful tips to guide you in buying a clock radio.

What are your needs?

Getting a new clock radio should not be based on looks alone. You should decide how you plan to use it, whether as a glorified alarm clock or a single source of audio in the bedroom.

Alarm clock features

Most clock radios have a built-in alarm that plays music once the alarm goes off. The music can either come from a radio or a CD player. You may even want to consider buying those with dual alarms: one set for your everyday wake-up call, the other for other important matters like an upcoming meeting. Other expensive models can increase the volume of the alarm as it goes on, or can automatically turn off the alarm during weekends.

Sound quality

How good your clock radio would sound depends on the size of its speakers.

Know the clock display

The best clock radios have large clock displays that are bright enough for you to read the time without having to put on your glasses, if you have to wear one. However, it should not be bright enough to distract your sleep. Some units may have adjustable light controls to make the display dimmer or brighter, or even an automatic display dimmer when you turn out the light.

How usable it would be?

Each clock radio model has a unique set of features. For instance, some can let you preset radio stations and simply browse through them with a simple touch of a button. You should also consider checking if the clock radio provides back-up power from batteries in case of a power failure.

Where to buy it?

Make sure to buy from a store that has a reasonable return policy. A clock radio may work fine in the store, but would not even play your favorite radio station once you put it inside your bedroom.

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