Clock Box

With people now engulfed with clocks and watches, telling time is no longer a problem. But with the deluge of such timepieces in different sizes and shapes, the art that was previously behind their creation and the appreciation that comes with it has somehow diminished. But just the same, some creative minds continue to come out with unique clocks that sometimes force you to get a second glimpse of it, much like the Clock Box.

The Clock Box is a unique clock that merges two seemingly common items and combines them to give them that special and unique quality. Imagine a clock built into a simple paper bag of sorts and you get the Clock Box. It looks like a Chinese takeout box fitted with a clock. Designed by Mykonos Designs, the Clock Box is a simple and yet unique idea that can give people a different look at something that they have increasingly taken for granted over the years, that clocks can also be artful pieces to be admired just like the old days. The price for the unique Clock Box is not yet made available.

Image Source: Mykonos Design

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