Clickfree Transformer Network Edition

Clickfree Transformer NE

The Clickfree Transformer Network Edition (NE) is a handy device that would help resolve your back up concerns. This device works by transforming any of your capable USB devices into becoming a back up drive once you connect it. With the Clickfree Transformer NE, you can make your iPod, iPhone or any other USB device into an instant external hard drive to back up files from your PC.

The Clickfree Transformer NE is designed to help provide back up for your home PC network. This means that it helps easily back up multiple PC’s in a home network simply be connecting it to any of the PC’s that forms part of the said network, thanks to its Clickfree BackupLink Technology. It helps you to automatically backup all the computers in your network using any of the USB devices you might have available. The Clickfree Transformer NE is available at Clickfree for US$ 90.

Image Source: Clickfree

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