Clickfree Transformer For iPhone

Some iPhone owners may not be able to take full advantage of their device due to certain proprietary limitations of their device. They can’t use their iPhones for example, as a capable portable storage device. But there is away to tap into the the vast storage space that your iPhone and iPod may have through the use of the Clickfree Transformer.

The Clickfree Transformer is a unique device that you can use to transform your iPod or iPhone into a portable storage device. The Clickfree Transformer allows you to copy files from your computer and then store it on the excess storage space of your iPod or iPhone. There no need to download any application to do this. The Clickfree Transformer is a plug and play device that you can use right away. It won’t erase any existing content on your Apple device and would only use any unused storage space. The Clickfree Transformer is available at Clickfree for US$50.

Image Source: Clickfree

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