Clickfree C2 External Hard Disk Drive

Clickfree C2 Backup External Hard Drive

Clickfree has been known for its USB backup devices so it is not surprising that they come up with an upgraded version called the C2.  This external hard drive has a built-in USB cable placed at its bottom, which Clickfree’s representative claims that is strong enough to be left hanging while plugged (although pulling it deliberately like an electric socket is not recommended).  It also has an easier backup interface that lets you transfer files in just one click.

The Clickfree C2 can handle iPod music, playlist imports, direct-to-DVD burning, media sharing, and a convenient migration function that makes transferring from Windows XP or even Macintosh OS X 10.5 to Windows 7 a breeze.

This external hard disk drive will be available in 250GB (called C2 227, costing $139.00), 500GB (C2 527, $199.99), and 350GB (available in January 2010).

Image source:  Clickfree

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