Click n' Cook Modular Spatula System

Cooking in a small kitchen can easily become trouble if space is not used efficiently. But with lots of utensils to use, this can become a problem. The people at Quirky can help you solve your lack of kitchen space issues with this unique Click n’ Cook Modular Spatula System.

The Click n’ Cook Modular Spatula System is a simple yet unique space saving measure that keeps all your cooking spatulas in one place. The Click n’ Cook features a unique modular design where 5 different types of spatulas make use of a single handle that clicks firmly into place. The choices are placed in a space saving base where they all can conveniently be stored when not being used. This beats putting different spatulas inside a single drawer where they can take up a lot of space and make it harder for you to look for them when you need them. The unique Click n’ Cook Modular Spatula System is available at Quirky for US$35.

Image Source: Quirky

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