Clear iSpot Personal 4G Hotspot

That WiFi enabled Apple device can only be as useful if you always have a stable Internet connection. But many times this might not be possible. You may want to establish your own personal WiFi hotspot in order to enjoy the online options. And for people on the go, this might be possible using the Clear iSpot for Apple mobile devices.

The Clear iSpot is a 4G (WiMAX Network) hotspot designed for Apple mobile devices. You can connect up to 8 of your WiFi enabled Apple devices into the Clear iSpot and still get reliable and fast 4G Internet coverage. This device works with the Apple iPad, the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone. It fits into your pocket, has its own rechargeable battery and works just about any where that has Clear 4G coverage. The Clear iSpot comes with the iSpot On-The-Go Service Plan for US$25 per month. You can check it out further at the Clear Website.

Image Source: Clear

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