Clear 4G+ Series S Mobile USB Modem

Getting 4G seems to be becoming more and more convenient as WIM AX becomes even more popular. Mobile phones and gadgets that support such a technology may now be able to access the Web within a wider reach area. In the US, it may be possible using a device like the Clear 4G+ Series S Mobile USB Modem.

The Clear 4G+ Series S Mobile USB Modem is designed for use with laptops by users who are highly mobile. This modem is fairly easy to use and provides a fast Internet connection with an activated Clear service. This modem works with both 3G and 4G networks. Its USB plug is also hinged so that users can turn it in the way a USB port is being mounted on their device. It is quite convenient with just this simple feature especially for those who experience. The Clear 4G+ Mobile USB Modem is available at Clear with a monthly Clear service plan that starts at US$55. The modem’s regular price is US$115.

Image Source: Clear

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