Cleankeys Aseptic Keyboard

Studies have shown that conventional keyboards can become quite unsanitary if they are not being cleaned regularly. Keyboards can become an ideal environment for bacteria and other harmful organisms to thrive simply because they can be quite difficult to thoroughly clean and disinfect. But there are other options such as the Cleankeys Aseptic Keyboard that may help avoid this problem.

The Cleankeys Aspetic Keyboard is a unique take on a common computer input device that aims to make it more hygienically sound. It is designed in a way that allows its users to effectively clean and disinfect it with a single antiseptic wipe after using. The keyboard setup is designed as a flat surface with no dark spaces in between the keys that may trap dust as well as harmful organisms. This makes cleaning them easier and faster. The Cleankeys Aseptic Keyboard is available at the Cleankeys website for around US$400 for the molded version. The Cleankeys Glass Keyboard on the other hand goes for around US$500.

Image Source: Cleankeys Inc.

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