Clarion MiND

 Clarion MiND

Clarion has pioneered a new generation GPS navigation device called MiND, which is an acronym for Mobile Internet Navigation Device.

It is patterned after Intel’s menlowin the sense that both allow users to connect to the internet from their navigators through the use of Wi-Fi; plus, it allow the users to play various kinds of multimedia files.

Claiming its tag as one of the more innovative, high-end devices invented, MiND also has other features that it can boast of. For starters, this device is equipped with bluetooth. Moreover, it has a 4GB Flash Memory for storage, Wi-Fi, CMOS Camera, a 3G Data Module, and a Mobile WiMAX. Aside from this, the MiND also sports a 5.2 inch WVGA LCD Display with Touch Screen.

Clarion MiND runs a Linux-based Operating System.

The availability date for the MiND is yet to be announced by Clarion.

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