ClairB Portable Air Purifier

ClairB Portable Air PurifierWith the pollution we have nowadays, breathing cleaner air becomes a luxury. Air pollutants can cause many health conditions that can affect a person’s quality of life. Although you may enjoy cleaner air at home when you have air purifiers installed, the same cannot be said when you go out. It helps to have the ClairB Portable Air Purifier to help ensure that you get clean air to breathe everywhere you go.

What Is It?
The ClairB Portable Air Purifier is a handy device to help you breathe cleaner air wherever you are. Whether you are at the office or staying at another home, the ClairB Portable Air Purifier will help you surround yourself with clean air all the time. It makes use of Magnetic Air Filtration Technology to clean out those pollutants from the surrounding air. It works in two stages- a plasma ionizer polarizes incoming particles that then naturally attracts to the electret film filter of the device. It can capture contaminants as small as 0.1 micrometer.

Portable and Handy
The ClairB Portable Air Purifier is just as big as a coffee tumbler and is designed to be portable. It runs on 5 volts and can be powered through a USB connection on a computer, using a smartphone charger, a cigar jack inside the car or even by using a power bank. It is a powerful air purifier but portable enough for users to bring along wherever they go. It is ideal for use in small areas like offices and rooms where you might want to ensure that the air you breathe is free from contaminants, allergens and other pollutants. You can start being healthy trying to breathe cleaner air. The company behind the ClairB Portable Air Purifier is currently conducting a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of $69 will get you one. It is expected to be available by March of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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