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Urban ScooterLife in the city has become quite stressful and busy. Even the daily commute can contribute to the stress of many city workers. Any convenience they can get can sometimes ease some of the stress a little bit that can make their lives a bit more bearable. With the new CityGo Urban E-scooter, urban professionals will certainly have a more convenient mode of transport to ease the stress of the daily commute.

For many of those who work in the city, the so called “last mile” has become a concern for many urban professionals. It is that last leg of the daily commute that is usually the most stressful for some. The CityGo Urban E-scooter is one alternative that can help ease that problem. This portable transport can solve that problem of filling the gap in that last leg of travel for many people. It is a motorized scooter that does not totally give you a chance to move at a touch of a button. Instead its motor amplifies kick on the ground like you do in a typical scooter. In a way, the CityGo Urban E-scooter provides assisted power to help you ride on it while requiring less effort to make it go. It is also this feature that makes it convenient to bring along just about anywhere.

The CityGo Urban scooter is designed to be lightweight and portable. It can easily be folded when not in use for easy storage and handling. The use of its Smart Kick System makes it a more efficient scooter since it allows riders to extend their cruising distance with each kick. It can even be useful to use when going up an incline. It is also fitted with sensors to work with the 300-watt motor in order to help riders maintain speed for better efficiency with each kick on the ground. It can operate in three different modes depending on the level of assisted power riders need when using the CityGo Urban.

This e-scooter can connect with an Android or iOS device to add some functionality such as keeping track of usage as well as recording your ride data. It can even tell riders when its battery may run out and when recharging may be needed. It is a convenient companion for people who wish to go to their final destination other than by walking. The CityGo Urban is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. Early adopters can still get one at an early bird price of $539. That would be quite a difference from the expected $950 price tag when it comes out on retail stores after the delivery of the first batch of CityGo Urban e-scooters this November.

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