Christian Dior Luxury Mobile Phone

Dior mobile phone

Designers are very slowly inching their way towards the mobile phone industry with their "luxury phones". A few years ago, Versace designed a mobile phone for Samsung which was eventually called the E500 Versus. A couple of years ago, Dolce and Gabbana designed a mobile phone for Motorola.

The D&G Motorola Razr was created to make a statement – it was clad in gold, complete with a D&G dangle that is sure to catch people’s eyes when you take it out of your purse. Prada designed a cell phone for Korean manufacturer LG Electronics. Prada fiddled a bit with the touchscreen and the phones preloaded content and worked the phones overall design. Even designer Giorgio Armani came out with the Armani SpA mobile phone. All came out with the hefty price tag of $600.

This year, über luxurt fashion house Christian Dior designed a mobile phone for small French mobile phone manufacturer, ModeLabs Group. As per reports – the fashion house and the mobile phone company are kind of keeping mum about the details – it will have all the necessary mobile phone features: touchscreen, camera and ringtones. It will work almost anywhere in the world apart from Japan and Korea due to incompatible wireless networks.

The Dior luxury phone will come in red, white and pink – all shiny and metallic. Rich folks, do not be alarmed. That’s not all the sparkle your getting. Nope. It will be encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Yes encrusted with crystals. If the rumors are true, you’ll be getting your sparkly designer phone for a mere $3,500. And if the rumors are also true, and you’re not as poor as the next millionaire on the block, then you can get the other version of the Dior phone – you know, the one encrusted with diamonds.

Yes Diamonds. All for the teensy weensy price of $5,000. And oh, did I mention that it comes with the mini clip-on phone that you can pin on your designer hand bag? You can answer your phone via this cute mini-me (made possible by bluetooth technology) without having to rummage through your luxury purse. Which doesn’t make sense because you’d want to show it off right? Then again who would want to be the apple of the eye of snatchers.

Reports say that this luxury phone will be initially released in Russia and China because there is a strong demand for luxury in these countries. Well, we’re not all rich, Russian oil tycoons but let’s see if China can make a much less expensive version of this. Just kidding!

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