Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier

In good design, form and function always come together well. Many products with good design not only look visually appealing but also come with a function that it does well. Gadgets that only look good but do not satisfy its users with its desired function will not last. With commercialization, it is now rare to find some products are great in both form and function. They do not have to be that advanced or complex. Some of the best examples of such products come in simple packages. A good example is this Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier.

Japanese designers have been one of the best when it comes to making products that are simple and yet beautiful. They also do not forget about making it function well. The Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier is a perfect example. It may offer a simple function. But it does so quite beautifully.

The Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier is a simple way to keep the air in your room less dry. It works as a passive humidifier that lets the dry air absorb the moisture that it offers. This simple humidifier comes with a beautiful paper water collector that fans out into a beautiful flower-like shape when opened. To work as a humidifier, you place a cup of water into the tray of the device. The paper filter then absorbs the water that provides a wider area for dry air in the room to absorb the moisture gradually. Adding some aromatic oil into it can also offer to make the surrounding air smell good as the Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier does its work. This passive humidifier needs no batteries. If not in use, just fold it to close and store in your bag or table drawer. It weighs only 100 grams and is easy to carry from home to the office and back again. The Chokotto Oasis Paper Humidifier is available in pink, green or orange at Japan Trend Shop for US$20.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop

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