ChobiCam Pro 3, The Smallest Night Vision Camera

There is still this interest that people have in making gadgets as small as possible. There are many gadgets today that seem to become smaller and more streamlined as their newer versions come out. Even in the field of digital cameras, there is still this battle among manufacturers to come up with the smallest possible camera in the market. When it comes to a camera with night vision capabilities, the ChobiCam Pro 3 is considered currently as the smallest today.

The ChobiCam Pro 3 is a toy movie camera that comes with infrared night vision capabilities. What makes it unique is its diminutive size. For its 17mm x 45mm x 28mm size dimensions, it is a wonder that the ChobiCam Pro 3 can record video in Full HD, let alone capture video in total darkness. But it really does.

The ChobiCam Pro 3 comes with 5 infrared LED lights surrounding the lens that provide the lighting to allow it to capture video at night within a 1 meter distance. It can also capture still pictures and stores them in 4032 × 3024 resolution pics. It can also be used to record audio.

The camera can be charged via USB or by its accompanying charger for 160 minutes for a full charge. Each charge is worth 45 minutes of video recording and 120 minutes of audio recording. Captured images, audio and video files are stored on the microSDHC card of up to 32GB capacity that is plugged into the camera. The ChobiCam Pro 3 is available at the Japan Trust Technology site for 4,980 Japanese Yen or around US$53.

Image Source: JTT

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