Chinon Avi Stylix iPod And iPhone Dock

Just as the Apple iPod and iPhone goes through different evolutionary stages in terms of its design, so does the accessories and devices that are made for them. You can just consider how the iPod and iPhone docking stations have changed from when they first came about sometime ago. And in the case of the new Chinon Avi Stylix, the changes may be more evident.

The Chinon Avi Stylix iPod and iPhone docking station is no longer just any other dock to play music and charge your Apple iDevice. It now offers video playback and stream Web videos from YouTube as well as Netflix via your iPhone. This dock may depend on the Internet connection of your iDevice to make this possible though. This docking station now features a 7-inch high resolution LCD display, about 3 times the size of the iPhone display screen. It also comes with the usual dock features like speakers, connector port, USB and SD card slot, radio, alarm clock and a remote control. The new Chinon Avi Stylix iPod and iPhone Dock is expected to be made available at Chinon USA in June of this year for US$100.

Image Source: Engadget

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