China's Latest "Bullet Train" Opens

China‘s railway system has been on an upswing lately as it begins to embrace high speed trains. Just now, it opens the Shanghai-Hangzhou system, connecting the cities of Hongqiao and Hangzhou. According to sources, its trains can travel as much as 262 miles per hour (354 kilometers per hour) without imploding or breaking into pieces. If that is not enough, officials hope that they could develop trains that would go as fast as 312 miles per hour (502.1 kilometers per hour), making you wonder why most of Europe–which also has vast international train systems–or the United States never thought of this.

The CRH380 bullet trains run the whole length of the railway, about 126 miles, in just 45 minutes. Seats cost as low as US$12.

Source: BBC, via Engadget

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