China Plans to End Its Video Game Console Ban

Thirteen years ago, China imposed a video game console ban as the government was concerned about what they view as unhealthy and violent content of these games that may harm the “mental health” of the country’s youth. That long-standing ban may soon be lifted, according to South China Morning Post.

The lifting of prohibition on the sale of game consoles will reportedly have its compromise: the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo should manufacture game consoles in Shanghai’s new free trade zone and market and sell them across mainland China. Of course, these companies would have to undergo several tests to gain approval from “culture-related authorities.”

Despite the video game console ban in China, some companies are able to go around it. Nintendo, for instance, is currently selling game consoles in the mainland, marketing its 3DS XL handheld device under the iQue brand, along with a variety of first-party Nintendo games. Sony was also able to sell a Chinese version of the PlayStation 2.

The publication falls short into saying when the video game console ban will be lifted, but now seems to be a good opportunity for China to reconsider its stance about gaming, especially with new game consoles that Sony and Microsoft will offer in the global market.

Source: South China Morning Post, via Engadget

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