Chilly Box Cooler Backpack

Having a backpack to bring along during trips is essential. But not all backpacks may be able to carry some of the things you need such as cold drinks for instance. For such travel essentials, you might need a unique backpack to bring along like the Chilly Box Cooler Backpack.

The Chilly Box Cooler Backpack’s unique feature is that it comes with its own removable cooler. The backpack itself is made of waterproof and sturdy canvas with a clip on removable cooler that can hold up to 18 12oz. soda cans. The backpack also has added padding for extra comfort, especially with bringing along the removable cooler filled in with your favorite cold beverages. It is a good thing to bring along at family gatherings or trips where some cold liquid refreshments are essential. The Chilly Box Cooler Backpack is available at Family Travel Gear for US$42.95.

Image Source: Family Travel Gear

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