Cheap iPhone “Definitely” a Go This Year

ETrade Supply, an online service for consumer electronic parts, claims that they can confirm that a cheap iPhone will be launched within this year. Looks like Phil Schiller would have to swallow his words if they is true.

ETrade Supply has had a perfect record about its confirming the existence of rumored smartphones. The website are able to achieve this by obtaining parts of iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 months before their official release.

This time, however, ETrade Supply is not able to prove its claim. In the article, they state that they have heard “on the wind” about the so-called confirmation of the cheap iPhone. They also add that Apple may be churning out low- to mid-range iPhone models to make up for lost market share until Apple’s engineers are able to come up with the next big thing in consumer electronics.

Previous rumors have stated that the cheap iPhone would look like a combination of the iPhone 5, the latest iPod Touch, and the iPod Classic. Some have suggested it would be encased in plastic, which would make the phone cheaper, but less durable.

We would just have to wait a little longer whether the confirmation is true.

Source: ETrade Supply, via Mashable

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