Cheap Eco Friendly Gadgets

Samsung Blue Earth

Global warming may be a myth (according to recent allegations), but that does not mean we should throw away our care for the environment.  More companies have produced gadgets and other electronic products that are environmental friendly.  What used to be novelty items that ask for high prices now heed to the consumers’ demands with the following green gadgets that are also inexpensive.

Samsung Blue Earth – This touchscreen phone (pictured above) has a cover made from recycled water bottles, plus it has solar panels at the back so you can charge the photo whenever you are out and about.  It has some common features we see on Samsung smartphones:  a digital camera, music player, FM tuner, EDGE, GPRS, and Bluetooth 2.1.  However, because of a smaller screen size, the Samsung Blue does not come with a full QWERTY keyboard once you tilt the phone to the sides.  The Samsung Blue Earth is available between US$333.25 to $999.98.

Image source:  Samsung

Dell G2410

Dell G2410 – This LED-backlit computer monitor has an energy rating so low, it only spends about $7.26 worth of electricity every year.  The 24-inch monitor offers a wide variety of energy-saving options that do not sacrifice image quality.  However, it lacks an HDMI connection and image quality is lost once you view it from 6 degrees off center.  It also lacks ergonomic features except for tilting the monitor up to 25 degrees.  The Dell G2410 is available between $240 and $259.

Image source:  Dell

Motorola Renew W233

Motorola Renew W233 – Labeling itself as the world’s first carbon-free cell phone, some of the components found on the Motorola Renew W233 is made from recycled materials:  cover made from water bottles, packaging made from recycled paper.  It offers fairly simple features capable of taking calls and sending text messages, GPRS browser, and a basic music player.  No camera, no touchscreen display, just a decent phone.  The Motorola Renew W233 is available between $29.99 and $71.99.

Image source:  Motorola

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