ChatPerf Brings Smell-A-Vision to Smartphones

Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the toughest to translate into media. We have heard of TV sets with smell-a-vision and movies with aroma-scope, both of which did not do well with the public. But perhaps incorporating smell in mobile devices just might work. ChatPerf, a company based in Japan, has introduced a smartphone attachment meant to give out scents after tapping the screen.

The phone add-on, about the size of a USB stick, is attached through the iPhone’s 30-pin connector. It contains a tiny tank that contains a given scent concentrate. Once attached to the phone, the screen comes up with a “puff” button that releases the scent when tapped. A spokesperson for ChatPerf said that an Android version would be launched this fall.

The concept behind ChatPerf’s attachment is that one can send scents aside from photos and sound clips. The company predicts its aroma tank would be applied in gaming. How? Probably it could collaborate with King and let out sweet scents every time those sweets in Candy Crush Saga pop out. The company also plans on selling scent tanks containing different aromas.

To develop this concept even further, ChatPerf has also released a software development kit so those smell-hackers could come up with something. Mashable suggests that it would be useful in sending out recipes, or for online perfume outlets to sample their scents.

Sounds, err… smells nice, no? The only question is: will this catch on?

Source: DigInfo News, via Mashable

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