Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter

It is important to keep your mobile phone at the best shape as long as possible. After all, it has become the predominant device of choice people would likely have with them at all times. Having a underperforming smartphone can really be discouraging for many. Most of the time, it is not just the powerful specs that make a smartphone perform at its best. What if your phone has great specs but has poor battery due to extensive use? You have to look at the overall device like battery health to ensure your smartphone operates at its peak performance. You can extend the life and health of your battery with the help of the Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter. 

The Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter is a compact device that you can use to protect your phone’s battery from excessive charging. Over charging your phone batteries can allow it to lose power capacity over time. And when you are in the habit of charging your phones overnight to have them ready and fully charged the next day, then you are doing just that. The Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter by preventing your phone battery from over charging by cutting off the power before the phone battery reaches the 100 percent charge limit. Studies have shown that charging your phones to 100 percent can gradually degrade its power capacity over time. By limiting phone battery charge to a bit below the full 100 percent charge, you can actually preserve the life of your phone battery longer.   

The Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter works by coming in between your phone and your phone charger to act as a guard against over-charging. You simply connect the device to your phone charger at attach the charging cable through it. The electrical power passes through the Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter then monitors the phone’s battery capacity. It then shuts down the power automatically based on the limits of charging that the user sets via the accompanying app. This feature protects the phone’s battery and makes it charged at optimal levels while extending is life span. 

The Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter also has other useful features aside from protecting your phone’s battery. It can also work as a security device when you attach a USB stick or external hard drive to it. Simply use its Proximity Sense mode via the app and its auto shut-off feature can also work via Bluetooth when it senses that your phone goes out of range. It can effectively shut-off the power going to the USB device connected to it. This protects your files from access while you are away. The Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter turns the power back on once it senses the connected smartphone is within the promimity. The same feature can be used with USB lamps to automatically turn-on or off whenever the user come in or out of proximity. The Chargie Efficient Phone Charge Limiter is available at the Chargie website for around $40.  Image Source: Chargie   

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