Chainsaw Key Cover

When you think that having a device is just about having everything functional, then you might be wrong. Some people seem to like certain devices just for the fun of it. They are not really looking into how a certain device may be useful for a certain task. If you think that fun is a function, then you might like to have gadgets like this Chainsaw Key Cover.

The Chainsaw Key Cover is a simple device that adds some bit of fun to a simple object such as a key. It is a key cover that looks like one end of a chainsaw. You attach it to any key and you have just made your key look like a miniature chainsaw. But that is not where the fun ends.

The Chainsaw Key Cover is not just an ordinary key cover. It also comes with lights as well as makes chainsaw sounds whenever you use the key. It is a simple and something that some people might find useful and some will find to be fun to have. You can attach it to a keychain that you bring along with you all the time. Use it to kill time whenever you feel bored by having those chainsaw sounds fill the air. The Chainsaw Key Cover is available at Spinning Hat for 5 UK Pounds or around US$8.

Image Source: Spinning Hat

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