Ceramic Kitchen Radio

ceramic kitchen radio

If you have adopted the routine of turning on the radio while eating breakfast, you may as well get the Ceramic Kitchen Radio. It’s not only portable but utterly chic as well. No lights, no control jutting out of its surface, but just pure and simple, minimalistic design.

If you have limited options when it comes to a kitchen radio, you can opt for a clock radio. However, a spill can be quite a problem when it comes to this part. With the Ceramic Kitchen Radio, however, it will be as easy as handling it. It has a tuning dial that acts both as the lid and speaker. It is also battery-operated. In addition, it is mess-free as it can be cleaned easily in case of a spill.

The Ceramic Kitchen Radio only comes in white. Agata Norkroos, the designer of such this simple gizmo, is an artist from Estonia. The creation of this radio is part of her study in design.

Call it cute. Call it simple. Call it a radio. Call it the Ceramic Kitchen Radio.

Image Source: www.agatanorkroos.com  

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