Century Diving Goggles With Camera

Going snorkeling at the beach can be quite exciting. You get to see and experience quite a lot of underwater scenes that you don’t get to see often. It’s too bad that most of the time, such scenes only remain in your memory until your next dive or visit at the beach. It is a good thing that you no longer have to by having the unique Century Diving Goggles with Camera.

This special pair of diving goggles from Century Japan features a built-in digital camera that lets you capture both still images and motion video while you go underwater to see the beautiful sights under the sea. The camera comes with a 2 megapixel sensor that can get great quality images underwater as well as shoot videos 1280 x 960 resolutions at 30fps. An 8GB worth of internal memory is more than enough to capture those beautiful underwater scenes. The Century Diving Goggles with Camera can be used for up to a maximum of 20 meters underwater. Unfortunately, it is only available in Japan for now and costs around 9,800 Japanese Yen.

Image Source: Century Japan

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