Celsius X VI II LeDIX, A Very Expensive Dumbphone

It may not have a touchscreen display, it may not have GPS, 3G, or the most advanced mobile OS, but this cell phone costs a whopping US$300,000.  It is not because the name includes Roman numerals, but the Celsius X VI II LeDIX (10-6-2 LeDIX, or Le509 we are not sure) contains a tourbillon , a purely mechanical watch mechanism.  However, we are not sure whether how long the mechanism would hold after opening and closing this clamshell phone for several times.

Functionality-wise, the phone looks like a rewind to the late 1990s:  a simple browser, text messaging, and tri-band GSM.

On a serious note, we know there are much more important things to use of your $300,000, such as building houses for the poor, providing clean potable water to remote communities, but who are we kidding?

Source:  Engadget

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