Cell Phone Headset Buying Guide

The fact in this modern life is that cellphones have already invaded in everyone’s life! You’re driving a car and suddenly your cellphone rings, and no matter how much you think that answering a call while driving is dangerous enough to send you and your vehicle flying in the meters away from the road, you will still accept the call because you feel that it’s important. However, why should you risk your life if you can use a hands free device or a headset to attend the call?

Cellphone companies: Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Samsung and others, have a lot of headsets to offer for all kinds of cellphones. These headsets are comfortable, convenient and stylish.

This is certainly a perfect gadget that belligerently lowers the riskks of accidents and brain tumors. Yes, brain tumors, because it is proved that diret exposure to the energies emitted by cellphones increases the development of slow-growing benign head tumor.

The popularity of headsets paved way to its compatibility to bluetooth technology, which eventually offer users more convenience and comfort. In picking the best headset, always refer to the following guidelines:

Headsets must have a switch for an efficient way of answering and ending calls.

The headset must fit comfortably to the user’s ears.

It should have good signal reception.

There must be some attribute on the set to adjust the quality of sound, may be an adjustable boom microphone.

It should support programming of numbers that are frequently called. This could be a a one touch dialing system which will tremendously help for urgent calls.

A voice dialing facility must also be included.

Since most of the cell phones is enabled with Bluetooth and infra red technologies, it is recommended that the headsets, especially the wireless ones be enabled with Bluetooth for expediency.

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