CD Player Buying Guide

Why the need for a CD/DVD player buying guideline? Its the perfect way to educate consumers about players and assist them in choosing the best model for their needs based upon budget, performance expectations and system compatibility.

It’s very important to question whether it’s still advisable to buy another CD player or simply invest in a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) player that wii play CDs and DVDs. The practicality behind buying DVD players simply emerged now. Now, that the DVD players’ prices have already toned down, it may be more advisable, especially to music lovers who are also into film and concerts, to purchase a DVD player instead.

So what are the things to consider in buying a player that suits one’s own lifestyle? Please be reminded however that usually, more money spent to a unit, it means that it offers more features, better remotes and more usable screen displays. Also, expect more improvements in audio and video performance.

The user interface is one of the most important features of CD/DVD players. It is important the whole unit can easily be used by consumers, as well as that it is aesthetically equipped in relation to design and layout. However, these designs must also equate to good functionality. Are the buttons uncluttered and can easily be used? Is the remote control not poorly designed, or does it have a back light to assist the users in the dark?

Consumers may worry about good audio performance if they plan on using the DVD player’s analog outputs for DVD-Audio/SACD or 96/24 2-channel music. Good performance may be achieved by bypassing the internal DAC’s of the DVD player and using it as a transport only in the digital system. DVD players usually have a Dolby Digital source. Buying separate CD and DVD players is recommendable when buying in the $300-and-under region.

In buying players, always assure that the following features are existent:

Custom file

This feature allows organization and playing music by whatever groupings the user wants.

Digital output

This feature lets you use an outboard digital-to-analog converter to handle the conversion duties, either for convenience or for better sound. You can also use a digital output to feed a digital recorder like Mini Disc or recordable CD.

Headphone jack

This is important so that a consumer has the ability to listen to music privately and respectfully (especially for those who have roommates)

Intro scan

It allows playing consecutive snippets of 10 seconds of each of the tracks on a disc.

Peak scan

The player searches for the loudest part of a track or disc to help achieve optimum quality when taping.

Random play

A feature that lets the listener to hear the songs in the disc in random until all the songs have been played.

Remote control

Good remote controls are extremely helpful especially those that hold more than one disc.

Repeat play

This able to play one track or all tracks of the CD repeatedly.

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