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Scent Sciences ScentScape

Gaming and entertainment is no longer the same as it was before. Advanced technology as added other features that may extend such experiences into quite¬† different levels. While…

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Astro Gaming MixAmp 5.8

Wired headsets can sometimes be a problem when you play video games. It might limit your degree of movement as well as how much you may enjoy the…

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Razer Tron Gaming Mouse

The buzz around the upcoming movie Tron Legacy may have spilled into many fronts. There are now several Tron-inspired devices available in the market that somehow may have…

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Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

PC gaming is supposed to be all fun and entertainment. But for the serious professional gamers, the will to win takes on another level. This would mean taking…

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OnLive MicroConsole TV Adapter

Gaming has changed considerably through the years. It will even be changing for the better in the coming years as new technology is developed to provide a much…

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