Top XBox Games For November and December 2020

On November 10, a new generation of console gaming begins. Microsoft released not one but two new consoles: the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. The…

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P90X for Xbox Fitness now available

There are so many ways to get fit with the Xbox, but it does not have one of the most popular in-home exercise program until now. P90X for…

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Microsoft acquires “Gears of War” franchise


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Gamers report broken Xbox One disc drives

Microsoft has acknowledged numerous complaints from users who received broken Xbox One units, particularly in its disc drive. Several early adopters have reported issues with the console’s disc…

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One million Xbox One units sold on first day

Research analysts have reported that one million Xbox One units were sold within the first 24 hours of retail, just like what happened with Sony’s PlayStation 4. This…

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Xbox One goes on sale tonight

It is the night gamers have been waiting for, as Microsoft’s Xbox One goes on sale at midnight tonight with lavish events being held in 13 countries from…

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Microsoft explains Xbox One’s non-gaming features

The launch of Xbox One is nearing and Microsoft reveals in advance some of the next-gen console’s new features. In is company blog, Microsoft talks about 10 non-gaming…

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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts arrives at Xbox Games Store

Game publisher Activision is happy to announced the Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest in its popular first-person shooter series, is available digitally for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 much…

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Xbox Fitness

Xbox Fitness coming to Xbox One

If there is one thing Microsoft Kinect is good at, it would have to be at dance and fitness games. With a new wave of video game consoles,…

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New policies on Xbox One announced

Xbox One: Kinect no longer required

A top-ranking executive for Microsoft’s Xbox has announced they have pulled back on another key requirement for its upcoming video game console, the Xbox One. In a report…

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Xbox 360 to accept self-published games

Xbox 360 to Allow Self-Published Games Next Month

A game developer has implied that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will allow self-published games through its Xbox Live Arcade as early as August 2013. In an announcement, FarSight Studios…

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Microsoft Unveils Xbox One Console

Microsoft has introduced the much-awaited successor to its Xbox 360 console. The Xbox One, which is shown off together with a redesigned Kinect and an updated gamepad, is…

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Xbox Next-Gen Console “Durango” to be Previewed in May

Microsoft’s next version of Xbox, codenamed “Durango,” is reportedly getting a preview at a special event in May, and will be launched through a lavish unveiling at E3…

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Microsoft to Unveil Xbox Successor?

Just as Sony announces its PlayStation 4, rumors have been brewing about Microsoft introducing its next-gen Xbox as well. In fact, Computer and Video Games reports that Microsoft…

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